TXU Commercial Video

The spectacular airshow performance of David Z. Mafrige has been used in the advertising arena. What better way to capture an audience's attention than by mounting a camera to the Texas Predator II, and feeling a part of maneuvers life the Texas Twister. That is exactly the approach TXU Energy Company took when contracting with David to be a spokesman for their services. TXU wanted a performance and performer that captivated the attention of their target market, and David had both the talent and personality. He can bring such enthusiasm to any performance whether it is given in the air or on the ground.

TXU Commercial Pictures - Click Pictures To Enlarge
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Unlimited Aerobatic
Pilot & Technical Advisor
Dan Clark with David.
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Old friend Cindy Burnham
cheering on David.
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Movie Camera mounted on
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Returning from flight
with helicopter.
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Getting ready for the
next flight.
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Getting ready to take off
with camera mount.
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Crew setting up for the
"Big" shoot.
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Discussing next
flight with helicopter
Pilot, camera man and
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The Film crew with
Director David Wild
at David's left.

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